Gallery ~ Custom Design Services/ Request

Custom pieces make great one-of-a-kind

gifts for mothers, grandmothers, and children!

The pictures in this listing are an example
of custom design pieces.

Please follow instructions below to
place your custom order.


Sterling Silver is used in all custom order pieces -Custom Service request is complimentary. 


1. Customer  should fill  out the option form  above the item requested and specify   if they want a necklace, bracelet, earrings or other, and if the piece is going to be multi-strand (double, triple, size needed). 

Refer to bracelet sizing on website for bracelet orders. 

Please include what type of beads you want to use, i.e. gemstones, crystals, glass, natural & organic, mixture and specify bead color preference. 

Will there be a charm added? If so what type of charm? i.e. mother, grandmother, heart, sports, dog breed, cat, graduation etc.,    If you prefer you  may also email  your  information to

 Please upload or email a photo of your jewelry idea If requesting a pet  inspired piece please upload or email  a picture of your pet for reference. 

2.  Design/Re-Design Process  

Once we receive info  we will price piece out to customer and contact them by email. If customer agrees to the price we  will invoice them for the total amount of the piece. 

No work will begin until full payment is received. Price quoted will include, costs for shipping, insurance and sales tax if necessary. Work takes 4-6 weeks to complete. 

Prior to completion we will send customer a picture of the unfinished piece . If changes need to be made they need to list changes at that time. If no changes are required we will send them a final photo of the completed piece. 

There are no refunds, or exchanges on any custom order. 

There will be a resizing/restringing fee of $10.00 for bracelets and $15.00 for necklaces. Refer to bracelet sizing prior to ordering. Please make sure sizing is correct before ordering. 

Please specify whether the item is a gift and if so, the message which should be included in the package. 

We ship only through USPS Mail. Please specify if you want item shipped USPS First class Mail or Priority. We only ship within the United States. Price of shipping includes insurance.

We are not responsible for allergic reactions to specific metals or materials used