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I Love Dogs Sooo Much !

Posted by Sarah on 7/20/2015 to Sarahdipiti Jewelry Favorites

  I Love My Dog Soooooooo Much

I have been in the company of dogs all of my life. I was born into them.. Both of my parents and extended family were avid dog and animal lovers and as a result they  instilled  love for all of them into the  lives and hearts of myself and my siblings.
It did not matter what breed they were. We loved them  all unconditionally just like they loved us. We took them everywhere we went  including short trips and vacations. My finest memories are of walking the beach  on Cape Cod with one or two by my side.. Each one  knew they were truly loved. 

 I miss them all  and  I would give anything for one more  day to be back in their company again.. I believe  dogs truly have a way of making you happy even during your most difficult  times There is something about  a dog's being that makes you smile even when you feel like crying. This in itself,  is what makes me love  dogs all the way down to my soul. To help comfort and ease my heart   I always remind myself  that each and every one    will  be  waiting   one day at the Rainbow Bridge with mouths open and tails wagging  to play and frolic with me  once again.

So ,to pay tribute to all of my dogs and  for all those dog lovers out there I have designed this very special  Swarovski crystal pendant necklace to help remind us of the Love we have for our special FURiends.

 This Swarovski  crystal pendant is accented with a hand-sculptured polymer clay red rose , Swarovski white crystal pearl bead and a sterling silver dog bone charm . Pendant is strung on a sterling silver 16" or 18" chain. Each polymer clay rose bead is hand-sculptured therefore each one may differ in size , shape and appearance . The sterling silver  dog bone charm is made in the US and measures 1/4 " wide and 1/2" high..

What better way to express how you feel for the Love  of your dog then with this  handmade  I Love My Dog Red Rose pendant necklace. Let us help you pay tribute to your special FURiend ! For more details and to purchase go to

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Cheers !

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