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Put A Little Charm In Your Life !

Posted by Sarah on 7/27/2015 to Sarahdipiti Jewelry Favorites
 Put A Little Charm In Your Life !

I have been collecting steering silver chars for my charm bracelet for as long as I can remember .I received my first charm and charm bracelet for my 9th birthday. My Aunt who is also my Godmother started me off on this tradition. She explained to me that this is a wonderful way to collect and capture all of my favorite memories in my life and even something that I may wish to pass on within my own family someday. 

To this day, I still am collecting charms, either as gifts that have been given to me for various celebrations or ones that I have been collecting on my own. Each time I look at them a smile comes to my face and it brings me back to a favorite time, place, event, pet, or person that has special meaning in my life. Each one still brings me back to my 9th birthday party when I opened up the little, carefully wrapped box with the big pink ribbon and saw my very own cocker spaniel charm. Dolly, was our familiesí cocker spaniel and my very first pet. As s a child I was very attached to her, so as you can expect this charm meant a great deal to me.

So, that charm in the small gift wrapped box with the pink ribbon made me very happy and it still does. That was just the beginning. Over time I have collected charms representing, baseball, Barbie, sand dollars, snowflakes, sleigh bells, butterflies, loons, fish and fishing rods (I love to fish) my favorite soap operas (yes soap operas) graduation, favorite aunt.) And, the list goes on.

So, put a little charm in your life and let me help you create your memories with a custom design charm bracelet... You may contact me at or view my website for more details.

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