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Surf Dog Ricochet For Puppy Prodigies ~Helping out one of my charities.

Posted by Sarah on 6/3/2015 to Sarahdipiti Jewelry Favorites

Surf Dog Ricochet For Puppy Prodigies 

Helping out one  of my charities.

Macrame and beads surf bracelet

Surf Dog Ricochet is a world famous golden retriever that surfs with children with disabilities. Surf Dog Ricochetís Surf  Bracelet is a special hand-made, hand-knotted sterling silver surf charm bracelet that captures the spirit of Surf Dog Ricochet. To show my appreciation for every bracelet sold I will donate a portion of the proceeds to Puppy Prodigies to help Ricohet's causes

The hemp bracelet is composed of glass seed beads in Ricochets colors of gold and pink with a sterling silver surfboard and paw print charm. I have added a dog button for closure. I truly love this dog and what she does to help others.

 To learn more about surf dog Ricochet go  to and

Sarah Barnes: Lead Desigher

SarahDipiti/Sarahdipiti Too 

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Shannon Date 9/25/2015
That is beautiful and for a great cause!
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