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A Violet for Remembrance – Helping the Cause

Posted by Sarah on 5/25/2015 to Sarahdipiti Jewelry Favorites

My mother (who I was very close to) passed away from Alzheimer’s disease nine years ago. Her death had a profound effect on my life. As a result I became very dedicated to do whatever I could to help individuals suffering from this horrible disease and  their families and friends who care for and support them. 

 I vowed to try and help make a difference and do my part to help the cause. I just was not sure in what way I could become involved . After much thought, I designed an affordable, tasteful, yet simple sterling silver bracelet with a purple crystal charm in memory and in honor of my mother. From there, Violets for Spring was born. I then placed a photo and description of the piece on to my website as a fundraiser to help raise money for research and support programs for Alzheimer’s disease. I contacted my local Alzheimer’s Association chapter, explained my ongoing idea and told them I would donate a portion of my sales to their chapter. They were so thrilled that they offered to place a photo of my bracelet on their website and suggested that we link our websites as well. In addition, I contacted my local town paper who did a story about my bracelets.As a result of the story several local Alzheimer’s Centers invited me to sell the bracelets at their facilities.

 Several years later it is still going strong. These bracelets have sold all over the country. I have even added several pieces to the line and  continue to  design  additional pieces. What makes me even happier is that I am helping others, while at the same time a large portion of the sales have been donated to Alzheimer’s research.

  This project has helped me to heal my heart while at the same time (Most Importantly) to give back and help others, one bracelet at a time. 
Best wishes,

Sarah Barnes 
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