A GemStone That Makes Me Smile

Posted by Sarah on 7/1/2015 to Sarahdipiti Jewelry Tips

A Gemstone That Makes Me Smile

 One of my favorite stones for handmade beaded jewelry is the semi precious mineral stone of Turquoise. It is a stone possessing a natural richness that brings out a southwestern flair and feminine sophistication. A true classic in its own right, its shades of blue / green seem to provide a tranquil and calming effect from the many stresses in our everyday lives.

In addition, turquoise is said to be a stone first used by U.S. Native American and Indian Tribes located in New Mexico for jewelry. If you have the time to research turquoise you will find that it has quite a fascinating history.

It is one of these types of gemstones that can create personal reflection by bringing you back to a favorite memory or a special place once visited. To me, turquoise reminds me of the oceans of warm tropics and the beautiful landscapes of Arizona and the old southwest.

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