My #1 Priority - Building Relationships With My Jewelry Customers

Posted by Sarah on 5/18/2015 to Sarahdipiti Jewelry Tips
 One of the very things I love best about my jewelry design business is building relationships with my customers. Especially through customer orders. I love to hear how thrilled my customers  are with the necklace or bracelet they helped to create. There is a sense of happiness that they feel when they know that a piece of jewelry that they are wearing has been  designed just for them. . This tells me as a designer that I have met their expectations.



I love having my customers share their likes and dislikes, favorite colors, hobbies, and favorite sport (etc) with me and participate with the design of their piece. Most importantly, they put their trust in me to design and capture the sprit of the jewelry piece that they want me to create .When my customer's receive their custom order each and every jewelry piece is made only using the finest quality materials from all over the world and will meet  their exact specification..



Customers have often requested jewelry pieces that are a reflection of their own personal lives, from favorite pets that have been lost, to children who are in love with butterflies and kittens and who  love the color purple.



Each and every request is unique and I absolutely love taking on the challenge and bringing out the artist in me. My most recent request was from a young lady who loved Eagles. She contacted me looking for a replacement pendant for a shell eagle that could not be repaired . She told me a little about herself and what she was looking for and within a reasonable period of time I was able to locate and obtain a close similarity of an eagle shell pendant and make up a new necklace for her which she helped to design. She was absolutely thrilled with her replacement.



So, close your eyes and envision the exact piece of jewelry that you would like to wear, and if you would like your very own custom order ,contact  and we  will do our best to build a relationship with you and make your dream come true



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