Cardinals Hummingbirds and Parrots

Posted by Sarah on 5/16/2018 to Sarahdipiti Jewelry Favorites
 Hummingbird NecklaceCardinal  NecklaceParrot Necklace

My two favorite times of the year in New England  are speing and summer. Flowers are in bloom ,birds are chirping and that speing smell is in the air.  It just makes you feel uplifted and inspired after a very long hard winter.

So, to celebrate spring  I thought it would be a great time to reintroduce three perfect and  popular  necklace designs from our Bird Jewelry Collection for that special bird lover on your gift list.  

The Cardinal ,Hummingbird and Parrot are unique ,southwestern flair  statement necklaces,hand carved,composted of .925 sterling silver,strung with heishi shell and made with the highest quality of f  apple coral ,turquoise and black onyx gemstones.

I have to say they are all really beautiful and can hold special meaning. Humminbirds with  fast fluttering wings and long needle bills bring excitement to our gardens and backyards on warm summer days. Red male Cardinals are exquiste in color and when they land in your yard they are known to be paying a vitit from  someone close to you that has passed.Parrots with extrodinary comminication are a tropical exotic bird known to be social and tend to become pets by families and groups.

 The best part about these necklaces is that they will go with any outfit and most of all turn heads as conversational pieces ! 

So, stop by our bird jewelry collection and see for yourself. I bet you will like what you see!


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