Custom Design Services~ Satin Cord   ~ Red French Poodle Inspired ~   Email Your Request
Custom Pet Design Services ~Satin Cord ~ Red French Poodle Inspired Necklace ~Custom Design Request

Custom Design Services~ Satin Cord ~ Red French Poodle Inspired ~ Email Your Request

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Purchase any item  or custom piece from our Pet Jewelry , Pet Memorial  or Animal Friends  collection and receive a Free Animal  Furiends  charm . Choices include Butterfly,  Owl, Deer, Frog, Horse or Heart Paw Print . Choose preference at time of purchase.

This satin cord heart and paw  charm  necklace and satin cord paw print  heart charm bracelet was custom designed  and dedicated to  this customers  Red French  Therapy Dog Poodles Cosette and Jacques who make visits to local Alzheimer's units.

The satin cord rust colored necklace is adorned with a sterling silver heart,  2 sterling silver paw charms, Swarovski light Colorado crystal , Sterling Silver lobster clasp . 

The  satin cord rust colored  bracelet is accented with a sterling silver paw print heart charm,Swarovski light Colorado crystal , sterling silver plate lobster clasp.

Please note:  Our pet custom design services are not limited to pet memorial pieces.  We encourgage our customers to work with us to design a jewelry piece that captures the spirit of their loyal friend  while they are still with us.  These pieces can make great gifts for someone who has just received a new puppy, has adopted a pet  from a rescue, birthdays, graduation or  mother's day .
 *Our pet inspired  jewelry is not limited to dogs or cats. 

There is no charge or payment necessary for this service.Please email us email us with your request at and we will be happy to help you . Please refer to  the category page of  our  Custom  Pet Design y for instructions on submitting your custom design request.

Sarah Barnes~ Owner,Lead Designer