Paw Prints Along The Sand~Inspirational Pet Memorial Necklace
Paw Prints Along The Sand Necklace

Paw Prints Along The Sand~Inspirational Pet Memorial Necklace

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~ Love , Devotion , Gratitude! ~

We especially know that pet loss is very difficult. To help ease the loss and to help comfort ,this unusual sterling silver pet memorial charm necklace was designed as a pet lovers inspirational piece to help remind you of your special bond and let you know that no matter how difficult things may seem ,your Special Furiend is always by your side. 

Made in the US the sterling silver flip flop charm measures 5/8" wide and 5/8" high and the paw print charm measures 3/8" wide and 3/8" in height. Both charms are strung on a sterling silver 16" or 18" chain and are accented with an exotic natural Rose shell and freshwater pearl.

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Sarah Barnes~ Owner,Lead Designer


The Inspiration Behind This Piece

Paw Prints Along The Sand~Inspirational Pet Memorial Necklace

Much of my inspiration and design for my jewelry pieces comes from my love for animals, especially for dogs. I love dogs so much because of their loyalty, friendship and most of all their unconditional love for their owners.

Paw Prints Along The Sand

During my youth my family and I along with our Golden Retriever Kasey would spend our summers at the beach on Cape Cod . Looking back, my favorite memory of that time was walking the beach at sunrise or at sunset with Kasey right by my side or chasing after her favorite ball while imprinting her paws into the sand along the shore.

I can remember it being so quiet and peaceful even though you could hear the crashing of the waves into the shore and the faint sound of seagulls flying above in the sky.The beauty of the sun reflecting on the water was absolutely breathtaking. Most of all this was a place where I could be alone with my dog Kasey, talk to her about my dreams and inspirations or trust her with my thoughts even through difficult times and know she would never tell anyone.

She was my friend and my true inspiration for many of the decisions I have made with my life and she is behind a great deal of my creativity.There is not one day that goes by that I do not miss her. I truly treasure those moments.

Even though Kasey is not with me anymore there are many times now as an adult I think back to that time and smile when I think about the joy that she brought to me . Even now whenever I go to the beach and see paw prints embedded in the sand I think of my times with her.

For this reason, I derided to create a necklace reflecting this memory and my love for my dog, thus Paw Prints Along The Sand was born . I wanted to make this as a simple necklace and use shells and charms to reflect the meaning behind this piece. To do this I used a sterling silver paw print and flip flop charm as a pendant , accented it with a rose shell and freshwater pearl and strung it on a sterling silver chain. Simple yet elegant.

I wanted to give true meaning to this piece for all the dog lovers out there who miss their special FURiend by letting them know that no matter how difficult times may seem and for all the times we may lose faith in humanity this necklace and every paw print you might see in the sand will be a reminder that your loyal Furiend will always be by you side with love, gratitude and devotion.

Sarah Barnes