Woodpecker Necklace
WoodPecker Necklace

Woodpecker Necklace

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Celebrate Summer and receive a 10% discount on SarahDipiti's newly designed hand carved  Woodpecker Necklace.  From now until Labor Day, we are offering a 10% dicount on our  Woodpecker Necklace.  Please use discount code Woody10 to receive your discount. 

Woodpeckers peck twenty times per second whichis approximatley 8,000-12,000 pecks per day,

The woodpeker pendant is hand carved in New Mexico. Pendant is composed of Zebra Jasper, App;e Coral, White Marbeland measures approximately 1-3/4" horozontally and 1/2" vertically.It is wired wrapped in sterling silver , accented with black onyx and red jasper beads .The body of the necklace is composed of sterling silver, black onyx and  and a touch of red jasper.

Necklace is attached to a sterling silver lobster clasp and finishes to 17"